Black-and-Grey Tattoo Artist for Clifton, NJ

Your body is a canvas, and tattoos are the art that tells your story. At Ink Gallery, we are committed to helping you feel confident in your skin and represent yourself through personalized tattoos. Our black-andgrey tattoos are known throughout the area, but we also offer a range of other tattoo styles in Clifton, NJ.

Why Our Tattoos?

Our artists are creative and skilled. We can bring to life any tattoo design or idea you have. We focus on precision and expression when we do tattoos. So you can choose any tattoo you want, whether it's a scar cover-up or a glow-in-the-dark masterpiece. If you want a colorless tattoo, a black-and-grey tattoo artist from our shop will ensure that every detail is stunning and bold, even without color.


We focus on your vision for your body. While you can rely on us for ideas and artwork, we ultimately want you to be happy with your tattoo design.

Why Our Shop?

Our tattoo parlor offers a relaxed atmosphere and a friendly environment. We try to make the tattoo experience stress-free so that you can focus on the excitement of your soon-to-be body art.

Book an appointment for a tattoo today, or stop by our parlor to shop for crystals, jewelry, and sage.