Thank you for inquiring about a tattoo appointment here at INK GALLERY.

Please leave your deposit after speaking to your receptionist or artist of choice by clicking the tab below. You will receive an appointment date once deposit is left. 

Happy tattooing!











D E P O S I T   P O L I C Y

Tattoo deposits work as a way of you financially committing to your upcoming tattoo appointment. Without this monetary protection, artists and parlors could lose a significant amount of money due to clients backing out. Deposits are needed in order to cover the artists time, researching process and drawing your stencil out. 

The deposit currently ranges from $50-$300 depending on size of tattoo.

*A deposit is needed to lock in a date. It is non-refundable and will be deducted off the total cost of tattoo.

For multi-session tattoos, the deposit will be transferred over to each session and will be held as payment towards the last session of the tattoo.


Your deposit will be forfeited if:

.You cancel or reschedule 24 hours prior to your appointment 

.You don't confirm your appointment 24 hours before your appointment. 

.There is a no show 

.If you are 15+ minutes late to your appointment.  

(please take into consideration travel time and rush hour traffic and call us immediately if you feel you may be even at least 1 minute late)

.If client choses to cancel (at any time)

.If you show up and completely change your tattoo concept

.You show up with a minor child. We can’t have unattended children in the shop – you will be unable to move during a tattoo procedure.

.-If you need to reschedule and do not get tattooed within a 1 year period

.If you arrive to your tattoo appointment without government-issued identification